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  • January 9, 2023
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The process of ranking a website or web page today is more difficult than it used to be a few years ago. To stay competitive in this digital world, you might need an SEO expert.

FAQ About hiring an SEO expert?

  1. Ask an SEO expert do you have the same industry experience.
  2. Ask them to show the client results with ROI they have provided.
  3. Ask about the reporting system they have generated for the client.
  4. Take quotes from different SEO experts for the pricing.

So how to hire seo expert

how to hire seoIn addition to stiffer competition, ranking algorithms are constantly changing, making it harder to stay on top of SEO tactics.SEO should be a crucial component of any business with an online presence which is almost all businesses these days. It is indeed important for every business owner to understand the basics of search engine optimization. To rank your website by an SEO expert, you need a lot of patience. The SEO expert should spend most time developing holistic marketing strategies and implementing the latest SEO strategies to grow your business. Before you ask how to hire seo agency, you must understand some basic SEO tactics. 

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Learn a bit about SEO yourself first before hiring an expert

It is common for companies to think that they can simply hire someone to run a marketing channel and achieve success. Experience tells us that the companies that see the greatest success with an agency understand the channel themselves first and are seeing some good results. They learn it first and then want to take it a step further.Understanding SEO yourself is the primary answer of the question – how to hire seo agency. Because once you learn the basics, you will be able to ask and understand about different strategies that the expert is going to implement. If something goes wrong because you didn’t educate yourself, then that will cost you a lot in the business. If you’re thinking of hiring an SEO expert, you can learn some SEO tactics. You may start with short YouTube videos, or check out the Beginners Guide to SEO, or learn about links and why they matter. Study about the difference between a good and a bad link, and look for some informative blogs.Using Google Analytics where people go on your site and see how many people are visiting your website. Use Semrush to see what keywords you rank for and what keywords your competitors rank for.You should discuss your project with some people once you’ve understood the basics of SEO. Considering that every business’s needs are different, don’t think SEO is a one-size-fits-all solution before hiring an expert.

How to hire seo expert? 

The explanation is only brief since there are a lot of factors you need to consider before hiring an SEO expert. Here are some elements which might help you to find your answers. 

Understand why you need to outsource SEO service.


By browsing the best SEO companies, you’re narrowing down your options to find the right one for your business. Do you have a limited online presence? Do you have at least one in-house digital marketing person? If the answer is no then it’s a high time for you to hire an SEO agency.

But how to hire seo agency?

It is wise to ask a company about their methods and experience, since they have to sell themselves to you. SEO specialists should understand the basics of marketing, and their answers to the question, “What makes you different?They should be able to pinpoint the wants and needs of an audience, especially during keyword research and determining search intent – just as they will appeal to your desire for higher rankings and more visibility.It can give you an idea of the depth of their SEO knowledge based on their answers. In order to gauge their skill level and familiarity with current search engine practices, you can ask them how they build links and optimize content.A results-driven SEO expert relies on data instead of promoting their services as cheap or quick, so you should not expect immediate ranking changes from SEO experts who promise to produce traffic and revenue. SEO campaigns take time, tracking, and hard work to produce traffic and revenue.

Do a Google Search

In most cases, SEO agencies have their own websites to showcase their work and, if they follow their own advice, these websites have a good chance of ranking high on Google for their keywords like SEO companies in San Jose.hiring seo expertGoogle can help you find SEO agencies or consultants that you can entrust. The best local SEO experts near you can be found by searching SEO experts + your area on Google.


Ask Questions

Keep an eye out for the types of answers the experts give during the interview. Rather than focusing only on where your website appears in search results, a good SEO specialist will also focus on how your website appears. They will try to understand your exact requirements and typically ask questions like:Is there anything that makes your business, content, or service unique and valuable to customers?How would you describe your typical customer? What is the current way they find your website?What are the ways in which your business makes money? What are your marketing strategies? Are you using offline advertising? What about social networks?What are your competitors? How do they perform well online and offline?Beware of anyone who promises to make your website rank first on Google. Someone who makes unrealistic promises is probably not the right choice for you if they make these types of promises.


Look For SEO Agency With Experience And Proven Results

seo agency hiring tipsSEO experts are everywhere, so it’s important to be discerning so how to hire SEO expert who has proven experience?Defining your desired results in a clear manner is the first step. Make sure your SEO expert focuses on improving your online visibility and reach, not just increasing traffic to your business website. Choose an expert who approaches SEO and online marketing holistically.Look at the results of your SEO experts when screening them. Inquire about their case studies and the overall business impact of their strategies. To learn how their SEO strategies helped other businesses improve and sustain their online marketing efforts, ask for references and talk to a few of their previous clients.Make sure the expert or agency is a good fit for your business. Do they have SEO experience in the same industry? The ideal agency has experience in both industry-specific and other sectors of SEO. Their unique perspective and diverse skill set allow them to approach SEO challenges creatively and tactically.

You Can Request A Site Audit Or Give Them A Test Project

Tell them to perform an SEO audit on your website before they change anything to give you a prioritized list. Audits should look for the following:

  • A prioritized list of proposed changes, including the issues, their impact and difficulty
  • Tasks with the greatest impact should be prioritized first, regardless of how easy they are.
  • Were you given an explanation of the reasoning behind the specialist’s suggested changes?
  • How would real people read and understand your website’s listings in the search results? 
  • Your listings should not just be appealing to search engines, but to people as well.
  • Are you comfortable working with and learning from the specialist?
  • As a result of this audit, you will gain a better understanding of how they think and how it would be to work with them.


Make Sure Your Budget Aligns With Their Goals 

hire seo expertAfter the discovery calls, and test project, you now have a shortlist of SEO experts who are capable of boosting and scaling your marketing efforts. Finding a person who fits your objectives and budget is the next step.There are different SEO needs for businesses at different stages of their development. Find an SEO expert whose deliverables can be scaled according to your needs and resources. Also, don’t ask for too much in return for too little. Consider your budget and what an SEO expert can accomplish with it. Your SEO project can then be scaled and allocated more resources if you get good results initially.Be clear with fees and payment terms. Is the payment policy according to the project or based on a yearly/quarterly package?


Most SEO agencies and consultants either work on a project basis or retainer basis. 

Understand The Difference Between A Consultant And An Agency

It has been observed that too many businesses start out trying to hire the wrong type of SEO expert or agency and then they end up in regret. You probably know the difference between the two, but for clarity’s sake:


Sole SEO consultants (also known as freelancers) work independently to help companies increase organic traffic through strategy and recommendations. Solo consultants rarely implement the strategies they recommend or the fixes they identify based on audits.

There are many types of employees in an agency, including strategists, account managers, writers, and others. Larger agencies will likely have channel specialists (such as SEO or pay-per-click), teams to implement some strategies (such as developers or designers), and some junior employees and account managers.

Based on the capabilities you have at your company, and your goals, you can select the right one for you. 

Don’t forget to keep an ear out for two other terms as you figure all of this out: strategy and services.

If you have just started your business or are considered under SME then an expert might do your job but if you are running a large or mid level organization then you will need an SEO agency. Therefore, hiring the right one for your business often comes down to knowing the difference between the two and hiring the right one.

Are you looking for a SEO specialist with unique skills?

It is possible for SEO professionals to come from a variety of backgrounds. They could be a programmer, a digital marketing agency, a professional SEO company, or could be an entrepreneur. A company with experience in SEO could provide all sorts of skilled personnel. An SEO provider should have specific skills, regardless of their background.


Check out the reviews

Try to look for both positive and negative reviews. Check the comments that have substance when evaluating skill level. You should give more weight to feedback from seasoned professionals or mature businesses, rather than new solopreneurs who may not understand search and are simply interested in seeing their brand name appear.


Describe your expectations

how-to hire seo freelancerLast but not least, make sure that you both agree on the SEO strategy before you sign the contract. It is very important for you both to share the same goals.Search engine optimization experts who guarantee you top rankings should be avoided. Since SEO depends on so many factors outside our control, no one can guarantee specific results. It is common for experienced SEO experts to under-promise and over-deliver. It is important to ensure that you have a realistic expectation of the impact of SEO, as well as a clear timeline for when to expect results. As a result, experts always start by developing strategies for the clients and communicate smoothly. A personalized SEO plan and summary of the process can take up to a month (depending on the scope of the project). In addition to an estimate of the total investment, they might also provide an estimate of the impact on the business. To best increase their visibility and reach, some agencies also recommend optimizing online marketing strategies.You should also inquire about the agency’s long-term plans. Before you commit to an SEO expert, determine if their approach fits your needs or if they can adapt to your management style when you outline your expectations. Quick wins are great, but you should think long-term as you outline your expectations. You can ask them:

  1. When it comes to measuring the success of their SEO efforts, how do they plan to do it?
  2. Is your business on track to achieve its goals? Are you going to receive monthly progress reports and updates?
  3. What are your communication plans, and how often will you communicate?

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