Vaporboss SEO Case Study

SEO is one of the major essential for online sales and SEO is never been easy to do. Since a successful SEO campaign needs experience & knowledge. Hence, the Vaporboss SEO Case Study will show you what challenges a new online business faces in the initial phase with 0 Backlinks and 0 Organic traffic. For a perfect & revolutionary SEO campaign, one is required to create some strategies. What if we tell you that you can increase the sales by 200% in a month? The answer will be, it is just a myth. SEO takes time but give some better results in a campaign than other types of online campaigns.

Vaporboss seo case study

Vaporboss SEO Challenges

Vaporboss is an online vape store that sells all products in vaping niche. While some of them are popular with high searches & they provided them sales with huge margins. Vaporboss revenue comes mostly from the disposable vapes categories. Hence, we ranked more than 50 keywords in google’s top 10 positions. As the store is built on Shopify so there are limitations with the SEO
Top problems we faced:

  • Duplicate content issues.
  • Robots.txt file issues.
  • Collection product template.
  • Shopify page speeds.
  • Apps creating loads on Shopify server.

Journey of our SEO Campaign

When we begin our journey, we were enthusiastic about the projects. We did many projects successfully before but Vaporboss was our one of the major conquest. We initially got ups & downs but never gave up. We at Webgeosoln believe in the white hat technique and then we created a 5 Phase SEO Technique that increased their sales from 40,000$ to 3,03,000$/ month without any spendings on paid campaigns. We will tell you some important things in our Vaporboss SEO case study.

What we did then? (Our Vaporboss SEO case study)

The figures look quite impressive but there is a hard work story behind them. We with Vaporboss started the SEO journey only with 1 keyword which was tobeco super tank coils. Webgeosoln delivers the first-page position to the client in just 4 months. Yes, just in 4 months. SEO is not meant to be done within a couple of weeks but it needs a couple of months. We created a plan & a strategy & also were always updated with the Google algorithm rules. We did a great job on our first keyword & then got some more work to do on the project.

More Keywords we worked on

Vaporboss seo case study

So, after getting good sales from the keywords, we got some more keywords like Freemax mesh pro coils, Killer Kustard, and Orion DNA Pod. We deliver all the additional keywords in the same time frame. We at Webgeosoln believe in high-quality SEO after 2 years all our keywords are ranking in the TOP Positions. All of these keywords provided Vaporboss great amount of sales. Their business grows 200% that time. To get the achievement, we did a lot of hard work, kept patience & stick to our strategy. So, after some time, our strategy bagged us some great results.

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SEO Process that can help the Vape website

If your website is based on the Shopify platform this method can really help you to increase your online visibility. The method works best with the new website with null backlinks in the list.

Keywords for Vape niche

Try to add the long-tail keywords in the initial phase so that you can get top page positions with optimizing the content. It also helps Google to understand you are a valid source of information. Don’t try to hit the short-tail keywords with the high competition that will waste your resources.

On-Page SEO for Vape website based on Shopify

If you are working in Shopify for the past years you are familiar with the duplicate URL issues. That confuses Google which page to rank and which page not.

vaporboss-seo-url Vaporboss seo case study








Also, check the content quality on your website and improve them according to SEO.

Creating SEO-rich content on a regular basis

By SEO-rich, we mean content created based on the best keyword opportunities in the same niche. A lot of people do the mistake of writing content before finding a keyword to optimize. This might become a disaster in future. So, find the keywords good for your store & then write genuine content on them.

Internal Linking Strategy

This is one of the vital strategies that we used. Internal linking means adding a link on a webpage of the same website. Either those are the product pages, categories or something else but from the same site. You can also use:

  • The target keyword of other web pages or posts.
  • A variation of the target keywords you use.
  • A secondary long-tail keyword can also be used.

Off-Page SEO for Vape website based on Shopify

Since we all are aware of the off-page SEO & the backlinks. So, backlinks were created most probably on the same niche with high authority websites.

Main Achievement to Come (vaporboss SEO case study)

Vaporboss seo case study

After achieving all of these keywords, we got some more keywords and by the time of 1 year, we increased their business and our SEO growth up to $3,03,000. So, we created this Vaporboss SEO case study to share our hard work and success story with people.

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