How to do PPC Marketing For Small Business

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PPC marketing for small business



PPC (pay-per-click) marketing allows businesses to reach new customers in a short time. Despite the power of PPC marketing for small business, many companies have been disappointed with their early attempts. Implementing this marketing mode may be challenging for some small business owners. In the beginning stages of paid search marketing, businesses often underestimate the time and effort required to establish a strong foundation. Owners need to make some extra efforts to stay on top of the competition. An effective PPC campaign could help a small business grow quickly if it is done correctly.

PPC marketing for small business not only increases the amount of traffic and leads to your website but also creates the brand identity of your business. But where do you begin when it comes to pay-per-click marketing, as it is such an extensive topic?

Let us understand these simple strategies so that you can run a successful PPC marketing for small business:

But before we move ahead let us discuss the brief introduction of Pay-per-click marketing.

PPC Marketing – The New Normal Of Advertisements

ppc-marketing-campaign-for-small-bisinessPPC is a form of online marketing where advertisers pay a fee every time a user clicks on their advert, hence the name pay-per-click marketing. In order to win the top spot, advertisers usually bid on a system in which the fee varies based on the level of competition. The cost per click can range anywhere between a few cents and hundreds of dollars, depending on the PPC network.At present, Google Ads is the world’s largest PPC ad network, serving hundreds of millions of ads daily via its search results and display network. That is how PPC marketing for small business works well. When it comes to targeting users who are searching for products or services you offer, Google is the best option.


PPC ads are commonly displayed as: 

  • Google and Bing display text ads in search engine results
  • Ads on YouTube that use text or images
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn offer image ads
  • Google’s Display Network is a collection of websites where image ads appear on various websites. 

Here are 4 ways to create a successful PPC marketing for small businesses:

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Vaporboss Case Study

Developing your PPC strategy

Your initial PPC strategy should be connected to your current business goals as you think about your PPC budget. If you are a small business or service provider, such as an AC repair service, trying to acquire new customers, you should build your campaigns with very precise location targeting centered on your service area. Ensure your ads and website allow visitors to book, call, or schedule an appointment with you by using keywords specific to the services you offer. You will then be able to identify certain key metrics as your website begins to generate traffic and leads. Your key metrics may include the number of visitors who book a service (conversion rate), the total amount of paid traffic you receive to your site, and what keywords you should bid on to drive leads. By managing how much you’re willing to bid, based on how much revenue each lead generates, you can calculate your return on investment from paid advertising. PPC marketing for small business are specific to your verticals and its goals – there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You need to try at least 4-5 times to check which one of those strategies works well for your business.


Keyword Research Is The Key To PPC Success

keyword-research-for-ppc-campaignDigital technology advancements have made it possible for users to find a product quickly and allow them to buy it with just a click of a button, no matter what. Therefore, businesses should know what keywords their customers are using to search for their products online.


Thus, they can bid appropriately on search queries and keywords closely related to their products and services. You can use many tools to do this, including Google’s own Keyword Research tool, which shows you exactly what your customers are searching for. Other tools include Ubersuggest,, ahrefs, etc.


If you have limited time as a business owner, some things are best left to the experts. Webgeo Soln wants you to focus on things that matter most i.e. running your business successfully. Because of this, our dedicated team works constantly on your business. In order to monitor popular search terms and changing trends in your industry, we use the latest analytical tools. This helps us to target your audience and convert more customers.


Write Engaging Copy – A Step That Makes Customer Click Your Ad



You must accept the fact that you will not become a success overnight as a business owner. In order to build a reputation as such for your brand, you must collaborate with content creators and creative experts. 

Create an ad copy that is both engaging and appealing enough to entice viewers to take the next step. When drafting ads of PPC marketing for small businesses, this is especially relevant. Ads should grab people’s attention first so that they are motivated to click on them to learn more and make a purchase.

Only two lines and approximately 60 characters are available to you. Choose the words carefully and make them impressive.


Smart Landing Pages – Display Offers They Can’t Resist 

As soon as people click on your ad, you want to make sure that you direct them to a customized landing page that relates directly to what they just clicked on. Small businesses often make the mistake of sending visitors to their homepage instead of converting them. As a result, you should design landing pages that incorporate the keywords from the PPC ad, display the product or service that new visitors are searching for, and have a prominent, clear call to action like “Get a Quote” or “Add To Cart”.landing-page-design-for-small-business-ppc-campaign


Offer them something they can’t refuse as well. By delivering value to your new visitors, strong offers will entice them to click on your call to action. A compelling offer can dramatically increase your conversion rate. You can try some of these offers.

Get 14 Days free trial period 

Get 20% Discounts on products above (amount)

Free gift with first purchase


Benefits of Running PPC Marketing for Small Business

Easy to create and manage

Thanks to the features available on Google’s platform, online advertising has become a little easier. Similar pay-per-click interfaces have been developed by a few other companies. Even for a first-time user, the summary steps along the way make Google Ads a relatively user-friendly platform. Imagine how much value PPC management services can bring to small business PPC when using this tool.


Improved budget control

Among the best things about PPC marketing is the amount of control you have over your budget. You can set a budget, control your target audience or keywords, and alter how much you bid per click on nearly all PPC advertising platforms. Ultimately, you are in charge of how much and how you spend it.


Build a strong brand recognition

Small businesses that use keywords related to their industry are more likely to see their ads when people search for those keywords. In general, these keywords are not likely to generate a lot of conversions or sales, but they can increase brand recognition and establish the business as an authority in its field. Even if your small business does not have a strong online presence, PPC campaigns can help you get noticed much more quickly than trying to improve your website’s SEO so it appears higher in organic search results.

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