Social Media Marketing for Vape Shop and Business

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Seriously though, people are in awe of vapes, they think it’s chic and healthier than cigarettes but what’s stopping them from vaping is that it is still not readily available in the market. And today we have decided to look for a solution for the same, we are here with some of the best ways to do social media marketing for vape shop! 

vape social media marketing

Vaping is getting popular amongst teenagers because of the idea that e-cigarettes or vape is far better than regular cigarettes. The best part about it is, the vapour doesn’t hang in the air and cling to surfaces, it is so clean that we can smoke it wherever we want. Be it inside our homes or cars, it can be done without any traces left behind. 

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Apart from this one more pro to it is, it can be stowed in a pocket or purse, no lighter is needed at all. They don’t make our fingers and teeth stained, and not our hair and clothes a wreck. They are simply “GENIUS.” 

The market is full of vape options, there are vape pens available both with Nicotine and without nicotine. So, now coming to our today’s discussion if you are a vape shop owner looking for extraordinary and fruitful ways to do social media marketing for a vape shop, this blog will be an angel in disguise! 

What Is Social Media Marketing For Vape Shops?

Unlike any other business, in the market, there is a social media marketing strategy for vape shops too. In this generation of selfies, hashtags and smartphones, there is nothing better than social media to enhance small business owner’s marketing plan. So what is social media marketing for vape shops? It is an attractive way for vape shops looking to retain their existing clients by means of relationship management. Not just this, the idea is also to grow the vape shop’s customer base through lead generation!

social media marketing for vape shop and vape online stores

According to speculated data nearly 2 in 3 Small Business Owners tell that positive social media exposure helped them solve their biggest issue which is finding new customers. Believe it or not, the time has come when consumers take online word-of-mouth quite seriously. You must start taking advantage of this cost-effective marketing tool in case you are looking to spread a good word about your vape shop. And yes, we understand that it is hard to know where to start but not when you are connected with Webgeosolution.

5 Tips For Boosting Your Social Media Marketing For Vape Shop! 

Webegeosolutionhas been an integral part of digital marketing agency for a long time now, so we can say with full belief that the below mentioned points are not only an expert guide to social media marketing for vape shop but all small businesses can take inspiration from it. So without any further ado, let’s dive into understanding it. 

  • Identify Your Ideal Audience 

vape shop audience

Having a good understanding of your target audience is essential for any business. Knowing the demographics such as their age, occupation, income, interests, etc. is key in order to craft content that they will appreciate and find meaningful. This also helps in selecting the right social media channels for your marketing plan. Once you have a grip on who your audience is, you can effectively interact with them and post information that they care about in an engaging manner. In case of vape shop, you must know if your audience demands healthier or fancier options and work on the social media strategy accordingly! 

  • Create An Attractive Channel Marketing Plan

marketing plan for vape shop

Identifying the social media networks most used by your customers is essential for success in social media marketing for vape shop. Popular networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are often the ones with the most active users each month. However, it’s important to consider demographic trends when deciding which networks to focus on. According to a 2013 Pew Research Internet Project study, there are significant differences between the demographics of each network. 

Are you looking to post content to promote your business? If so, it’s important to consider which networks are best suited for the type of content you want to share. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are all great options if you want to post a variety of content such as information, photos, and videos. However, if you mainly want to post photos, then an image-based network like Tumblr, Pinterest, or Instagram may be the better choice. Likewise, if you’re looking to share mostly video content, then video networks like YouTube, Vine, or Vimeo are the way to go.

  • Regular Content Posting 

content posting for vape shop

Make sure your social media page is always abuzz with interesting content by posting frequently. Create a content calendar to help stay organized and post updates that your followers will find valuable. Use it to share weekly specials, record videos that show the in-store experience, and ask questions to get your followers involved. In case of a vape shop, a simple discount or special may be all it takes to drive customers into your store, so don’t forget to include those in your content calendar.

  • Using Images & Videos Can Turn Tables For You

images for vape shop

Adding visuals to your social media feed can make it look more attractive and generate more engagement. Research shows that posts with photos on Facebook get 39% more interaction than text-only posts. They also get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs. On Twitter, tweets with images get 35% more retweets than those without. To make your posts stand out, try to avoid generic stock imagery. There are various tools online that provide free photos and videos through creative commons, like you can find more such websites online! 

You can also keep your social media visuals fresh and engaging by taking photos yourself with a smartphone. This way, you can customize the content to your business and customers. For instance, you can post images of your daily clients posing with their cool vapes, or you can post different flavours of vape available, which people won’t be able to resist when scrolling through their Instagram feed. Whether you opt to utilize your own photos or find imagery on the web, including images to your social media profiles will assist your business to stand out from the competition.

  • Start Posting According To Your Clients Online hours

online hours for vape shop clients

To make sure your customers see and interact with your message, it is important to share content at times when the majority of your followers are online. Different reports are available online that can help you identify the ideal days and times to post, while specific Facebook settings allow you to target your posts to a certain age, gender, location, relationship status, and other criteria. Studies have also shown that engagement rates on Facebook are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays.

Studies have shown that there are optimal times to post to different social media networks, however, experimentation may be required to find what works best for your particular vape fan base. Here are some statistics to help you get started: 


  • Brands can expect 17% higher engagement on Twitter on weekends 
  • 5PM is the peak time for retweets on Twitter 
  • Blog posts tend to be read most often in the morning 

Ultimately, the best way to determine what times will result in the most engagement for your vape shop content is to closely monitor your fan’s responses and adjust your posting schedule accordingly.

Automate Your Social Media Marketing For Vape Shop With Webgeosolution


81% of small to medium-sized businesses are utilizing social media to build loyalty among their fans, yet many are finding it challenging to commit the necessary time to make the process efficient and effective. Webgeosolution is making it easier for vape shop owners to accumulate and monitor Facebook “Likes” as well as to increase shares on social media sites like Facebook, and Twitter, which will help maximize returns on social media marketing for vape shop!

It is evident that 77% of B2C businesses have acquired customers through Facebook which is why companies are making significant investments in social media. To make it easier for businesses to build a devoted following, Webgeosolution provides assistance in getting your customers to “Like” your business on Facebook, as well as in distinguishing your business from the other vape shops on the market.

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