A free guide on how much does it cost to hire a Wix designer?

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A Free Guide on How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Wix Designer

Questions like- ‘how much does it cost to hire a Wix designer’ has got no such one & absolute answer.

The prices vary between &50-$100 and can extend further depending on the complexity and/or requirements of your project.

Sounds easy, isn’t it?

Wix designing has different kinds of courtesies in its carton- that comes at a different level of expertise & pricing.

how much does it cost to hire a wix designer

The charges depend on various factors.

For example, the experience or expertise of the selected Wix designer, your budget, and what exactly are your requirements.

Once you have figured out these things, hiring a Wix expert becomes really easy.

So, let’s deep dive further into the subject to scan things better. And make the hiring process easier for you.

In this piece, I (We) have tried to answer the following queries:

  • How much does it cost to hire a Wix designer?
  • What are the factors affecting the fee of a Wix designing project?
  • What are the common Wix design & development costs?

With 76% of US adults

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shopping online, businesses now have (already) understood the importance of an online website to be in touch with their users.

So, a website that is easy to use and navigate is among their primary needs for digital transformation.

Wix is one of the most popular website builders to serve the purpose. And so, Wix designing & development is one of the most in-demand talents in the market.

How much does it cost to hire a Wix Designer?

how much does it cost to hire a wix designer

Pointing out the middle of the scale, a professional Wix designer makes about $75/hour.

Though their hourly rate might oscillate anywhere between $50-$200.

This is because plenty of factors are responsible for setting up a standard rate for Wix designing projects.

Apart from that, the charges are planned on various other bases.

Hourly rates & rates on a per-project basis are the two most popular payment strategies among the designers—Which we shall cover further in-depth.

Besides, some employers & Wix designers mutually strategize their payment policy that serves both parties.

  • Hourly Rates of Wix designers:

As mentioned earlier, the hourly rates for a decently skilled Wix designer can vary anywhere between $50-$200, for a standard Wix website design.

These rates hinge on loads of factors.

For example, when you try to shortlist the best-in-class Wix designers from the buffer, you will need to consider the higher side of the payment range.

  • Project rates of Wix designers:

Many clients prefer paying the designers on per project basis. Because they get an approximate idea of how much they would be paying upfront.

And this helps them to break down their project budget better.

Makes sense?

Some designers also try to make it on a per-project basis especially when they are not sure exactly how many hours the project would need.

Factors affecting the fee of a Wix designing project:

how much does it cost to hire a wix designer

  • Complexity level of the project:

This particular point is very simple & sensible. This means that if your project is a little more complicated than others, your in-house or freelance designer will obviously charge more.

And you know it makes sense, right?

For example, let’s say you want to add some additional site features to your website- or pre-book option, or any other extra routes, pages, or features to the website.

This will need more than how much it costs to hire a Wix designer normally.

  • Project time:

As simple as the above. When working on a project, time is among the most crucial elements. You & your chosen Wix designer, both know this very well.

What we have observed is that when you help your in-house or freelance Wix designer work with you on a long-term contract, they tend to charge you lesser.

The reason is simple. You are helping them to work on a project that not only serves their economic values in long term — but also learns along.

Cheat code: Try to build a healthy relationship with them. You can do this by communicating your purpose & the requirements better.

Listen to their opinion also. Learn more about their experiences & try to add value further.

This will trigger their subconscious to give their best efforts. And you (might) get a discount also.

The secret is– simple human beings, they are!

  • Experience level of your Wix designer:

If you have big-ticket funds & want to know how much should be enough to hire a Wix designer, we have an answer.

See, if you want the designs to be exceptionally well-crafted, you can shortlist highly experienced candidates with a very strong portfolio & market knowledge.

Basically, the pundits of Wix design, development, & maintenance.

But if you have a buttoned-down budget, you might not get a Wix designer with that much mastery.

However, you can get a Wix developer who’s willing to serve their best to make it exemplary. Because they also, need your appreciation to win their game.

And guess what, in our experience, they are worth betting on.


At Webgeosolution, our Wix designing team has a rich blend of Gurus & highly-experienced Wix experts along with sprouting students.

This gives you the best-in-class soup of expertise & experiments at your budget.

This allows the Wix development team to cater to the vast clientele & churn out sales bringing results.

This law goes handy irrespective of what project you are working on, be it designing, development, writing, or anything else.

Common Wix design & development costs:

In this segment, we have tried to mention some of the common Wix development prices to help you get a fair idea. Let’s peek into it together:

  • Setting up a standard Wix website: $50-200 (varies with design, pages, features, etc.). 
  • Designing/redesigning or building from scratch: $500-$5000 (again, variable with favours mentioned above). 
  • Maintenance costs: $250-$700 

 The Bottom Line:

So, just now we understood the fundamentals behind how much does it cost to hire a Wix designer.

By now, I hope, you’ve got a decent idea of how to proceed with the search for a Wix designer at your budget.

Pro Tip:

By making it here, you’ve got a very clear idea of how much does it cost to hire a Wix designer– & what are the deciding factors that help you to negotiate the costs.

So, if you are planning to hire a Wix designer, be very careful with the points made above.

Try to communicate all your queries & doubts with your designer to make it crystal clear. And to avoid any awes later.

How much does it cost to hire a Wix designer from Webgeosolution

how much does it cost to hire a wix designer

We, at Webgeosolution scrape off the nuisance & the unnecessary charges.

We do not waste your time in the name of ‘communicating ideas’ & ruin your schedule through multiple shoddy design propositions.

So, how do we make it? 

We strategize the entire scene by understanding your requirements first-hand & contemplating the purpose behind them.

We cut the nonsensical part.

We are happy to take pride in working with some of the most sought-after Wix designs & development clients—in & around India & Asia-Pacific regions.

With the Love & appreciation that we have gotten in a while, we are, now taking it to the global tiers of Wix designs & development practices.

So that we can cater to a bigger pool of client diversity & the requirements to fulfil their purpose. And eventually, learn & learn more.

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